COLFUTURO Connect Live Setup Form – Logo & Images

COLFUTURO Connect Live Setup Form

Setup Your Booth - Logo & Images

  • Thank you for signing up for Colfuturo Connect live online recruitment event. In order to help you setup your online booth, please fill out your institution information below and refer to the HELP PAGE to fill out this form.

    Please note this is the SECOND of a TWO step forms. This SECOND form will be used to send the logo of your institution and images that will be used in each section. The FIRST form will be use only to send the content and texts for your booth.

    To ensure you have everything to hand, please read through all the sections below prior to filling in the form. Please also review the image and logo requirements which are different for each tab (section) of your booth.

    • Please note that there is a limit of 2mega bites to each image. If you send pictures larger than this, the form will not be completed. As an alternative, you can email the images that go over this limit to
    • After submitting the images successfully, you will be directed to another page with a success massage and will also receive a copy of the form, with the images you have submitted.
    • Please note the texts for each section should have already be completed using THIS FORM.
  • COLFUTURO Connect Live Event

    Your Booth Information

  • Your Institution Logo and Picture

  • We will require a logo and image of your institution to set up your booth. These images will be displayed to students when they enter the event lobby.

    • Booth Image: This is a large Banner image which is displayed above the description in your booth. This is an opportunity to bring your institutional branding to life and can be a picture of a building, students on campus or any other you think is important branding for your institution.
    • Booth Logo: The booth logo is usually your institution logo and is displayed within your booth. You can upload an image in a square OR horizontal format.
    • Must be a jpg, jpeg, png or gif file. The file CANNOT be bigger than 2MB.

  • Home Tab (main page)

  • This the first page students and visitors will see when they enter your booth from the lobby.

    The image uplpoaded here will be placed with a description of your institution and hyperlinks to your website or downloadable brochures.

    Click here to view a typical Home Tab.
  • COURSES Tab (course names or areas of interest)

  • The images uploaded here will be displayed on the COURSES tab, which can be used to introduce your faculties or summarise the programs you offer to students. You also have option of adding links each program or course from your website or other location.

    Click here to view how a typical Courses Tab can be set up.
  • CUSTOM Tab

  • The Custom Tab section includes any additional information you want to share with students about your organisation. Here, you can include either an image or a video. Please note that if you have already included a video on the previous form, there is no need to send an image for this section.

    Click here to view how the Custom Tab will look.


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