BMI Conect Live SmartQueue Opportunities

BMI Conect Live SmartQueue Opportunities

  • SmartQueue is a proprietary feature in BMI events which helps you connect with students who are the best fit for the types of courses or roles you are marketing during a live event. Enabling SmartQueue will prioritize the most qualified students in line to chat with you first.

    Please visit the SMARTQUEUE HELP for assistance in completing this form.
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  • Talk Global Study (BMI Connect Live Events)

  • Please tick below which Event you are submitting the information for. If you want to use different information (or language) for different Events, please submit an additional form.
  • Please choose below which Talk Global Study Subject/Category the information you are submitting refers to. If you want to use different information (or language) for different events, please submit a separate form for each Subject/Category.
  • You can add up to 5 opportunities in your booth and each opportunity can have up to 3 questions. Answers to your questions will automatically prioritise students and place the best matched students at the top of the line to speak to you first.

    Affirmative answers: the sentences should be created in a way that best candidate will answer the question in an affirmative way. Therefore, according to this criteria, for the question "Do you like the colour RED?", the student who answers 'Yes' as the affirmative answer is a good candidate.

    The opportunities will be displayed on your booth's Courses tab. When a student clicks to chat with you, they will be prompted to select one of the courses or roles they are interested in and asked the questions below to to qualify and prioritise them in your queue.
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  • Opportunity 3

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