BMI Partnership Workshop Middle East – March 2021 | Registration

BMI Partnership Workshop Middle East

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  • The BMI Partnership Workshop Middle East will take place online on 18th & 19th May 2021.
    The application deadline is 9th May 2021.
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  • Please enter below your information. This information will be used to build your profile on the Marcom appointment scheduling system and for the PDF handbook sent to each participating university, college, language school or government association taking part.
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  • Please note both participants will share the 1st participant schedule. We will contact you, if we need to open a second separate schedule.
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  • If you are an agency or high school counsellor, please indicate priority countries from where you would like to meet international schools/universities

  • Please indicate two foreign universities you are already working with

  • Terms and Conditions

  • By completing this form and submitting it to BMI, you confirm you speak English � necessary for meetings � and accept the event Terms & Conditions below.

    • You are committed to participate in the workshop and another representative from your institution may replace you in exceptional circumstances;
    • You agree to complete all of your scheduled appointments and may book up to 18 appointments over the two days;
    • Cancellation requests less 15 days prior to the event are not allowed;
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