Regent’s Setup Form

Regent's Setup Form

Setup Your Booth - Text

  • Thank you for signing up for Talk Global Study, a BMI Connect Live online recruitment event. In order to help you setup your online booth, please fill out your institution information below and refer to the HELP PAGE to fill out this form.

    Please note this is the FIRST form. This FIRST form will be used to send the content and texts for your booth. The SECOND form will be used only to send images images of your institution that will be used in each section.

    To ensure you have everything to hand, please read through all the sections below prior to filling in the form.

    The form below will be used only for the texts. There is a SPECIAL FORM to upload the images. The images have special requirements which are different for each tab (section) of your booth.

    • After completing the form successfully, you will be directed to another page with a success message and will also receive a copy of the form, with the information you have submitted.
    • Please remember to submit the images using this THIS FORM.
    • All the questions below should be answered in English.
  • Admissions Booth

  • Admissions Home Tab (main page - Tab 1)

  • This the first page students and visitors will see when they enter your booth from the lobby..

    The space below is to provide a detailed description about your admissions process. You can include and hyperlinks to your website or downloadable brochures. A maximum of 400 words is allowed.

    Click here to view a typical Home Tab.
  • On the Spot Admissions (Tab 2)

  • This tab can be used to explain the On-the-Spot-Admission process that you are offering today. It should be a simple step by step description of the process that a student should read before pressing CHAT WITH REP. You also have the option of adding links to each program or course, forms etc. A maximum of 400 words is allowed.

    Click here to view how a typical Courses Tab can be set up.
  • Admissions Resources/Contact (Tab 3)

  • This tab should be used to provide any resources, such as links to application forms, key dates, videos, links support areas on your website as well as key Admissions contacts and next steps. A maximum of 400 words is allowed.

    Click here to view how the Custom Tab will look.

  • If you don't have a video, you can add a Booth Image instead.
    Please note that you can have either a video or a Banner Image, not both.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS (Stay Connected Section)

  • The social media section will be constantly visible on the right hand side of your booth. You must add your organisation's social media page URLs. This will allow students to click through, engage and interact directly with your organisation.

    Click here to view how the social media links will appear in your booth.


  • Please add the name of the person who will be representing your institution at the event. If you are participating in the event with your team, don't forget to add yourself! The maximum number of representatives per event is 3 people.

    • Contact email(s): each representative will receive an email with login instructions for the event.
    • Mobile Number(s): if we have to contact the representative urgently on the day of the event.
    • Emails: The emails need to be unique. Each person must have their own email as the platform won't accept the same email for two different representatives.
    • Different Representatives for each region: if you are participating in more than one event and the representatives are different for each region, please email with the name, last name and email address of each person.


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